By: J. Chris MacKenzie, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

A relocating executive has much with which to contend: First of all, the excitement and uncertainty of a new professional challenge in a new city, town and state. Once the decision has been made to accept the new position, the executive must now face the traumatic exercise of selling/buying a new home and all the emotional and economic issues associated with this important decision.

If the transferee is responsible for selling their existing home, each of us in the relocating service industry need to realize some of the following statistics:

  • Existing home inventory is up 37% from 2005.
  • New home inventory is up to 5.8 months of supply.
  • 13% decline in overall home sales in 2006 vs. 2005.
  • Homes are on the market at least 10% longer than in 2005.
  • The average selling is 48 years old, yet the average buyer is 28 years old.
  • Sellers paying market value in 2005 are reselling at lower values in 2006.
  • Rising interest rates almost guarantee the transferee will be paying more to borrow.

And if children are involved, there are challenges of uprooting, new friends and, possibly, less quality time with the new position of the transferred parent(s). Match all of this with the high demand of moves in the summer, and the inability of many families to secure their desired moving dates, and you have a recipe for frustration, anxiety and potential confrontation with the professional movers - who are now present at the very end of a long, personal ordeal. Converting these families into 'raving fans' of the moving company, at this stage of the long process, is the ultimate Clark & Reid challenge.

Clark & Reid moving coordinators are fully aware of the latest challenges and conditions confronting relocating families. They communicate extensively with the professional moving team of the family's unique needs, in addition to any extenuating circumstances recently experienced by the relocating family. This commitment and knowledge of the overall experience has resulted in higher top-quality scores from our moving teams thus far in 2006 than in 2005, and 2005 was our ninth year in a row as the industry's highest rated household goods moving company.

The 2006 conditions add to the already traumatic experience and hard work every executive and their families must endure: Clark & Reid stays abreast of these conditions, and will continue to discover new means of easing the transition, and allowing transferring families to successfully transition to their new environments.