Established in March, 2001, the Furniture Transport division of Clark & Reid Companies started by an idea promoted by an unusual source, one of Clark & Reid's executive movers. With the company's long and illustrious history of focusing on providing 'executive level' moving services to individuals and relocating companies, the notion of providing high-end furniture delivery fell immediately in line with the company's overall strategy. Not only does the division provide an opportunity to link customers from both channels, it provides an avenue for promoting movers and drivers within Clark & Reid.

New to the industry of delivering high value furniture from manufacturers to homes and dealers, this division of Clark & Reid was able to segregate itself from competing brands by exceeding both the expectations of the end consumer and the manufacturer. Experience in moving individuals' high-end furnishings has created significant differentiation from typical services offered by freight companies and other specialty movers. In addition, our ongoing performance in the moving industry melded very effectively with the high-end furniture delivery requirements.

The Furniture Transport division has also acquired key staff and redeployed others from the executive moving side of the business to support aggressive growth plans. Our success in this division is due to the efforts of several key individuals; John Fahey, Operations Manager, Cheryl Lymburner, Joe Roy, Tim Packard and the entire warehouse team including Glenn Humphrey, Jay Mills, our key drivers Dave Ferry, Patrick Coffren and everyone else who has contributed to the Furniture Transport division of Clark & Reid.

In five years, the business has grown from one client to over 60 and investments in infrastructure and technology now enable the company to serve furniture makers and their customers from coast to coast. Clark & Reid recently announced the opening of a warehousing and consolidation terminal in northern California to improve our west coast service profile.

With one idea from an uncommon source, a marquee client and referrals based on past successes, the Clark & Reid Furniture Transport division ensures expectations meet reality. Continuing to provide unmatched service in all avenues, Clark & Reid Companies has maintained and continues to provide a complement of services to cater the needs of all our clients.