By: Christina Pappas, Marketing Assistant

We are all familiar with the old adage 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' But you may not be aware that the same can be said for color. Color resonates a particular feeling directly related to the object or positioning of the swatch. Many have questioned the reasoning behind choosing the corporate colors depicted in the stripes contained within the Clark & Reid logo. Truth is, using browns, reds and golds was intentional and the aim was to resonate certain feelings that one sub-consciously receives from being amongst the color.

The first stripe is the gold or dark yellow. This color represents intellect and prestige and is often associated with an overall warm feeling. Think sunshine, flowers and the beach. The golden color we have chosen takes a positive feeling and evolves it into something prestigious, associated with wealth and success.

The second stripe is red orange. This color is associated with happiness. Everyday, we strive to ensure happiness amongst all of our transferees, employees and our professional move teams. The placement in between the yellow prestigious stripe ad the brown genuine stripe represents a true bridge of the two, in addition to emphasizing our desire to ensure satisfaction is delivered each and every time.

The bottom stripe contained within the logo is brown. Brown represents trustworthiness, reliability and genuine qualities. These are all very viable traits that we want to resonate with our brand and our service.

All in all, our colors are appropriate, and capture the essence of our brand and the service we wish to deliver. Intellect, prestige, happiness, trustworthiness and reliability are all accurate descriptions of Clark & Reid, and the mission we live every day; To be the best.