Clark & Reid Company, Inc. Receives Top Recognition in Alan Trippel’s 2009 Relocation Program Managers’ Survey on the Household Goods Industry

#1 Net Satisfaction Level in “Overall Performance”; +80% above the industry average
#1 Net Satisfaction Level in “Delivering Maximum Employee Satisfaction
#1 in “Overall Pricing Structure and Billing”; +103% above the industry average
+92% above the industry average in the “Willingness to Recommend” category

Not only did Clark & Reid receive an exemplary percentage of “Outstanding” votes, they are the only named household goods provider to receive unanimous endorsement within the categories of “Willingness to Recommend” and “Overall Satisfaction”.

About the Trippel Survey:
The Primary Business of the Trippel Survey and research is conducting independent customer satisfaction surveys for relocation professionals; either companies relocating employees or the service firms providing services to the relocating employees.