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The tradition began in 1902 when Michael Martin first introduced his family to the moving industry. J.J. Martin's Express Company was established by Mr. Martin as a local express company handling packages using horse-drawn trailers. After Michael's death, the company was sold but his son George continued to hold a vested interest in the industry.


George Martin had decided that he wanted to own his own moving company as he continued to work in the moving industry for several years after the sale of his father's company. In 1925, George got the opportunity to purchase Clark & Reid, established in 1910, from Mr. Clarence Clark after Mr. John Reid’s death


George moved the company from Roxbury, MA to Green Street in Cambridge, MA to better leverage Clark & Reid to residents of Cambridge, primarily those moving to and from Beacon Hill. At this time Clark & Reid was made up of only 8 trucks and had a very limited office staff.

In 1931, Clark & Reid was incorporated under Mass law and was given authority to ship goods in 28 states. The company continued to focus their moving services on families relocating in and around Cambridge using trucks that resembled oversized Jeeps and packing delicate items, such as china, in sugar cans.


During a time when work was scarce and it was impossible to purchase new equipment due to the war, the company continued to thrive and was able to purchase their first tractor trailer in 1941.

Clark & Reid was also able to prosper due to the addition of the Boston Army Base providing a new military account with a number of outbound shipments during the Korean War.

In 1948, George purchased warehouse space in Brookline and formed Clark & Reid Warehouse Co., Inc.


In 1959, Donald G. Martin became president at the age of 31 after his father passed away.

Sales and marketing efforts began focusing on the New York City area and the company was awarded several contracts relocating employees between Boston, MA and New York City, NY.

Clark & Reid was now operating 10 tractor-trailer units and had begun using tailgates as a way to increase the amount of goods able to be transported.


In 1969 the company purchased a new facility and moved to Burlington, MA and opened their first maintenance building on the property one year later.


Clark & Reid was given an interline agreement with Lyon Van and Storage. This agreement allowed the company to transport goods under the Lyon authority using their own personnel.

In 1979, Clark & Reid prepared and presented their case for an increase in operating authority and was awarded 48 state authority.


In 1984, Donald Jr. became president at the age of 26 after his father passed away.

In 1987, Clark & Reid International was founded and is presently based in Chicago, IL.

During the 1980s into the 90s, Clark & Reid had found their way into the top 10 preferred movers and had contracts with several Fortune 500 companies.


The Specialty Products division of Clark & Reid was founded in 2001 and has since grown from 1 client to over 60.


Clark & Reid is acquired by Wheaton Van Lines, Inc., the fourth largest van line group in the country. The acquisition allows Clark & Reid to enhance its service to its corporate clients, increase its capacity and be even more creative in its delivery of top block service.

Today, Clark & Reid continues to provide excellence in executive relocation services focusing on customer service and overall quality. Clark & Reid recently received the highest overall satisfaction rating for the 11th year according to the nationwide independent survey performed by A. Trippel and Associates.